Sports Dir. Joseph Kaylor

Joseph Kaylor always had an immense love for sports. He started playing baseball at the tender age of 6, and football since age 8. He played basketball throughout his entire 4 year middle school career, and so it wasn’t a big surprise that when he reached High School, he was the varsity starter for track, as well as Football. It was here that he was earned more than 100 medals in track, while running the 400, 200, and 100 meter. In 2010, he played in the adult football league in Perris, Ca (for Team Mercury) playing the positions of quarterback, wide receiver and corner. Joseph oversees the entire BGCSWC sports department, which includes the following leagues: Flag Football, Basketball, T-Ball, Volleyball and Soccer. To add, numerous sports camps including British Soccer Camp and Golf. Joseph started working with BGCSWC as YDP, Volleyball Coach for 2 years in which his young athletes were undefeated for an entire year! On Saturdays, he can oversee anywhere between 250-500 young athletes playing in the various sports and games. The assistance of 10 coaches and 10 Youth Sports Professionals helps all the practices and games run smoothly! “The two things I love the most are the First Day of Sports and the Last day of Sports, because I like to see how far the kids have come. It is a real joy to see how much they have grown in confidence and skill level!”