Club Policies

Behavior Management

The Club is committed to providing the best possible experience for your child. Staff members are responsible for providing a safe, controlled environment for club members. This includes both eliminating hazards and ensuring all club members are under staff supervision at all times. In order to ensure participant safety and maintain a positive environment, staff must use discipline procedures with members who behave in a disrespectful manner. No club Member’s safety shall be compromised by the actions of another club Member.

When behavior management actions are necessary, the steps outlined below may be taken. Effective behavioral management requires a staff/parent team approach in order to carry out established rules and Club policies. The severity or nature of the behavior will determine the order of discipline.
  1. Youth Development Professionals shall monitor and issue a verbal warning for minor issues such as insubordination, misbehavior on the bus, inappropriate language, etc.
  2. If an offense is repeated, a ‘time out” shall be imposed along with a dialogue to affirm an understanding of the rules and why rules should be followed. If these steps do not result in improved behavior, the Member will be referred to the Unit Director or the immediate supervisor.
  3. A Behavior Report Form may be filled out and given to the parent, explaining the inappropriate behavior. This form must be signed by a parent and returned to the Club.
  4. Members exhibiting ongoing or serious behavior issues, may be temporarily suspended from the Club. If a Member is suspended from one Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County site, they are suspended from ALL Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County sites.
  5. If a Member is unable to follow Club rules or presents a danger to other Members or staff, Membership may be permanently revoked with no recourse for reinstatement.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for the following: physical conflicts, stealing/theft, drug or alcohol possession or being under the influence, weapons or using regular objects as a weapon or in a threatening manner, vandalism, overt and/or repeated disrespect toward staff or others, repeated or extreme inappropriate behavior on the bus, or any other serious inappropriate activity not included in this list, but determined by staff to be dangerous to the Member or to others. All issues as listed above will be handled by the Unit Director or immediate supervisor and may also include the Youth Development Professional (YDP) or other staff involved at the time of the infraction. Issues as noted above will result in immediate suspension of the Member, the length of which to be determined by the Unit Director or immediate supervisor on duty. Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately to pick up the Member in question.

The ultimate goal of behavior management is to improve behavior and create a safe and welcoming Club environment for all Members. Fair and consistent behavior management, in conjunction with adherence to the Clubs’ Mission Statement will ensure a safe, positive, and enriching environment for all Members.