Music Dir. Michelle Johnson

Michelle grew up with Showbiz Kids, and was so inspired by her own teacher that she wanted to carry on the tradition and name of Showbiz Kids when she became an adult. She has been involved in music her whole life, singing in church and many community events. She has taught music for 11 years. Her main goal is to instill a love of music and singing in children and to boost their confidence, especially in the case when they are interacting among their peers at school. She loves the impact that Showbiz Kids has made in the lives of many children, and receives many comments from their parents of their newfound confidence. "Some kids find it difficult to express themselves through speaking. Music gives them a way to express themselves, when words cannot." A once very shy 10 year old student of hers soon after starting with Showbiz Kids sang a trio with 2 other boys at the San Diego Fair and did an awesome job! This gave him the confidence to run for Student Body President, in which he went in front of the whole school and gave a speech!