Sponsor Opportunities


  • With your help more than 1,200 youth will have a great place to grow before and after school with round trip transportation, snacks, tutoring, and life changing enriching programs focused on education, health/fitness, science & technology, the arts, and sports.
  • More than 1,200 youth will do better in school because they receive daily private tutoring with homework.
  • More than 800 youth will learn to win like champions and lose with grace by participating in Saturday league sports coached by caring adult mentors.
  • More than 700 youth will go to summer camp and experience all the activities that kids dream of – field trips, fishing, basketball clinics, BBQ’s, etc.
  • And, with your help more than 1,200 youth will have a chance to be kids.


Sponsors are businesses or individuals that contribute $250 or more to the organization. Most businesses sponsor BGCSWC because of community involvement and exposure that gives to their company or business to partner with such a great organization. BGCSWC has a strong national backing which shows longevity and the dollars will be well spent. Sponsorships help offset operational costs for programs and provide immense sustainability for the organization. Sponsorships also help with all the events that are put on to raise money that is kept within the community. Money raised through sponsorships will help with transportation costs, the development of new programs for youth, club facility maintenance, program supplies, and sports uniforms and trophy’s. Through sponsorships BGCSWC is able to allocate scholarship money to children who qualify for assistance (reducing their program fee costs).