Programs With A Purpose

All our programs are designed to strengthen academic skills, build character, instill confidence, and teach leadership. The Club offers a variety of introductory programs for our local youth ages 6 to 17 and all these programs are included with your annual Club Membership. We like to call them daily programs with a purpose, because we hide the learning in the fun.

See a selection of our daily after school programs below:

Education Development:

Power Hour – Homework help for kids with an added educational component. Earn daily points for a monthly field trip.

Poetry Club – A weekly way for kids to learn to express themselves and their creativity in the form of writing.

Lil’ Chefs – Teaches children the basics of cooking with the added pleasure of sampling their own work!

Career Development:

Club Tech – Gives members basic computer skills; introduce them to digital movie making, music making, photography, graphic design and Web development.

Career Launch - A career exploration and mentoring program for teens.

Arts Program:

Art – Allows club members to express themselves artistically while developing skills.

Web Design – Club members learn web design and are exposed to html.

Health Programs:

Triple Play - A health and wellness program designed to empower young people to make informed decisions about their physical, mental and social well-being.

Self Improvement & Character Building:

Image Makers – Shows kids the basics of photography and lets them practice it.

NetSmartz – An Internet safety program that teaches club members how to be safe on the Internet.

Smart Moves – A drug and alcohol educational program that focuses on self-esteem and good decision making.

Smart Girls – Focuses on teaching girls self-esteem and self-worth in a group setting.

Little Critters – Teaches kids the importance of recycling.

Snap Theater – Improvisational Theater.

Youth for Unity – Helps educate young people across the country about the importance of tolerance and diversity.

Mission Youth Outreach – For families of active military personnel to receive all that the Club has to offer.

Wise Guys - Promotes and teaches responsibility while reinforcing positive behavior in male Club members ages 11-14.

SMART Moves – SMART Moves equips young people with basic life skills, problem-solving, decision-making abilities and communication skills, all designed to boost self-confidence and address drug use and teen pregnancy.

Junior Leadership Programs – The Club offers two nationally sponsored junior leadership Development Programs - Keystone Club and Torch Club:

Keystone Club is a leadership development club for young people ages 14-18, in which the members elect officers, choose their own activities and plan and implement community service projects. A national charter entitles a Keystone Club to participate in regional and national Keystone conferences. For youngsters ages 11 to 13, there is Torch Club.  In this leadership development program, members also elect officers and plan and implement their own activities and community service projects.  Both programs are instrumental in the Club’s community service efforts.